My friends, I'm Elizabeth.18. Virgo. Late night reader. Gardener. Ceramist. Traveler. Experience becoming and let your soul grow.
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My life has been and is going to be absolutely incomparable to my parents lives, growing up and adulthood. Being the first generation to be born in the States, I didn’t get a chance to become close to any of my family members. There isn’t anyone in Poland that I can simply turn to because they’re almost strangers. Strangers with blood ties. Because I’m here,¬†paradoxically, strangers will become my family.

But I’ve been thinking. In around 18 days I’ll be on my own, and my life is essentially beginning. As each year goes by, it marks down a year towards total independence. What my life will be like, even in the next year, no one will know. All I can say is that I’m greeting whatever comes my way with an open mind and keeping it free of expectations.

Above all though, I need to fortify reliance on myself. Assume that I will be doing what needs to be done to get me from one point to another. With that in mind, the universe is free to shape what happens next.